Cordless blinds and shades offer a convenient and safe option now available on most styles of window treatments. Standard cord control is considered “traditional” for a reason: its basic design has stood the test of time. On the downside, those dangling cords can look cluttered, especially if tangled and of course present a safety hazard with wee ones and pets. In this article will discuss 3 affordable cordless blind options, such as: cordless cellular blinds, cordless top-down and bottom-up and roller shades.

 cordless honeycomb blind by norman shutters

Cordless Cellular Blinds

Technically speaking, cellular shades, cordless or any other, are a type of window shade, not a blind.  Though many people call cellular shades, cellular blinds and honeycomb blinds; Blinds have slats or vanes that tilt open and closed.  Window shades are made from a single piece of fabric and fold up, or roll up.  Cellular shades fold up, collapsing up on their crisp pleats like an accordion.

SmartFit™ is a new and innovative feature available in Honeycomb Shades by Norman Blinds. The SmartFit™ system is engineered to provide flexibility in light and privacy control as top-down bottom-up, while eliminating the unsightly cords coming down in the center of the shade. Perfect for French doors, tilt-in windows of up to 15 degree or just about any windows in your home, the SmartFit™ design allows the shade to be mounted with a tight fit to minimize light leakage and maximize privacy. Safe, aesthetically-pleasing and easy to operate, SmartFit™ is a versatile and modern solution to meet your unique needs.

When the shade is fully raised, hardware is completely concealed for a sleek and contemporary look.

Cordless Top-Down and Bottom-Up

Very similar to the cordless lift method, this style of shade gives you the option of also lowering the top of the blind in the same accordion fashion. It’s a great way to allow light into a room while retaining full privacy. This option is available on cellular and pleated shades as well as Roman and woven shades. Source: BlindSaver

 Cordless Roller Shades

Designer Roller Shades offer a diverse range of custom fabrics, including Traditional, Natural and Soft.  Traditional fabrics feature a classic look, Natural fabrics showcase elements typically found in woven woods and Soft fabrics offer elegant textures.  Available in a variety of lifting systems including cordless. These cordless roller shades are not the “old spring” system but a completely new engineered lifting system. A clear tab is mounted on the bottom rail so you don’t touch the material which will make the fabric look dirty over time. The shade can be lifted and lowered to the exact height you desire.

cordless roller shade

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