Whatever theme you’re going for this year, your windows are one of the most fun to decorate. Make Christmas the most beautiful time of the year by doing the following easy tips on decorating your windows:

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

Hang Ornaments
Hang different colored ornaments at varying heights from the top of a window. You can use fishing line if you want them to look like they’re floating, or ribbon for a more colorful look. Try hanging some paper snowflakes in there to mix it up. Source: Punchbowl

Wreaths can look beautiful a window decorations in a lot of different settings. For example, the kitchen is a perfect example. However, make sure the wreaths are not displayed directly above the stove to avoid accidents. In addition, it would be best to opt for artificial wreaths given the humidity and everything else in the room.
You can also choose to display multiple wreath if, let’s say, the windows of your home are really large or if you want to decorate a glass door. You can mix and match several different wreaths with different dimensions and designs. Hang then with red ribbons from the curtain rod. Source: Homedit

Window Decals and Appliques
Windows are a blank canvas. You could buy decals, stencils, and other appliques or you could make your own. If you have a printer you can print out a paper stencil pattern of your choice and create the stencil from cardboard. To use a stencil you can tape it to the window temporarily and spray the window with artificial snow. You can also freehand whatever you wish onto the window by mixing dish washing liquid with cornstarch. To make your own appliques you can buy puff-paint from most stores with a craft section, print out Christmas images and lay a sheet of wax paper over them, trace the picture with puff-paint. Let it dry then peel and stick. Source: VisiHow

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