As with any other window treatment, shades are also vulnerable to wear and tear. Although issues may arise after some time, you can easily fix them by following these simple tips:

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Adjusting Spring Tension When shades roll up faster than normal, sometimes ending with a bang, or the opposite occurs and the shade rolls up too slowly, the tension of the spring in the roller may need adjusting. An over-tightened spring will cause the shade to roll too quickly. If the spring is too loose, the shade will roll slowly. To loosen the spring, roll the shade up and remove the roller from the brackets that hold it in place. Manually unroll the shade halfway and then place it back into the brackets. Check the tension and repeat the procedure if necessary until the shade is operating normally. To tighten the spring, pull the shade halfway down and then remove the roller from the brackets. Manually roll up the shade and replace it in the brackets. Repeat until the shade rolls and unrolls normally. Source: HomeGuides.SFGate The Shade is Brittle and Cracked If the tension roller is still working, it’s simply time to replace the shade fabric. Remove shade from window brackets. Unroll the shade until you can access the top of the fabric, as it is either adhered or stapled to the roller itself. Remove the old shade fabric by simply pulling it off and then discarding. Replace with new shade of any firm fabric that is of equal width and length. Upholstery glue will work, but you will need to ensure the fabric is securely attached and the glue is dry before returning to the window. Stapling is also an effective way of replacing the shade, but be certain your staples are flush with the roller. Strong tape is another method. Source: DoItYourself When the Shade Won’t go Up or Down Properly The roller mechanism is probably at fault. Shades are operated by a strong coil spring inside one end of the roller. The pin that holds the shade up at this end of the roller is flat; this flat pin tightens or loosens the spring when you roll the shade up or down. At the flat-pin end of the roller, the spring is controlled by a pawl and ratchet that stop the movement of the spring when the shade is released. If the shade is too tight or too loose, or if it doesn’t stay in place when you release it, there is usually a problem with the spring or with the pawl-and-ratchet mechanism. Unless the spring is broken, this is easy to fix. Source: Home.HowStuffWorks Purchase a roller shade from us and you won’t have to worry about these things anymore. Our limited lifetime warranty protection ensures that you get to enjoy your window treatment for years to come. Contact us today!   Contact: Universal Blinds 601 – 1550 W. 10th Ave Vancouver, V6J 1Z9 Canada Phone: (604) 559-1988