With summer coming, it’s important to get your window coverings set.  Here are 3 common window coverings that can warm up your windows while providing protection from the sun.

Image Source: Flickr

Window Quilts
These are insulating shades made from quilt material that run on a track along your window.  Window quilts prevent winter heat loss and summer heat gain like other coverings, but they also form “dead” air space between quilt and window that allows for better insulation. Source: RealEstate

Solar Shades
One of the many benefits of solar shades during the summer is that you can still have your view outside, even with your shades drawn. It also blocks harmful UV rays and it will protect your furniture from sun damage and unnecessary fading. Or, you always have the option to choose blackout solar shades, which would be perfect in bedrooms and media rooms. Source: SelectBlinds

Roman Shades
Austrian-style roman shades are by far the most formal and traditional, delineated by several vertical and horizontal rows of ruched gathers and scalloping along the bottom. Due to the gathers and scalloping, an Austrian shade requires more than double the amount of fabric than typical flat romans, making them a more expensive choice. Source: Houzz


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