Looking for window treatment ideas for your bedroom? Find scores of inspiring looks in this collection of beautiful curtain ideas, including: layered pair, coastal theme and trim with fabric.

Below are 3 curtain ideas for your bedroom:

Image Source: Flickr

Layered Pair
Although one is nice, a lot can be said for two window treatments working together in a bedroom, where function and style go hand in hand. For function, install a hardworking foundation, such as these plantation shutters. They control light and noise from outside and are an insulating barrier for cold glass. Yet they are hard, angular, and bland. The curtain panels provide softness, color, and pattern. Mounted above the windows, they don’t interfere with the function of the shutters. They also help dampen noise inside the room, acting as sound absorbers to create a hushed and comforting environment. Source: BHG

Coastal Theme
Coastal themes are perfect for bedrooms as the neutral colour palette feels so calm and restful. Contemporary coastal themes play with traditional materials and textures to keep the look fresh. Aged driftwood boards are no longer confined to floors and boathouses, but have been elevated and repurposed into stylish textured wallcoverings. In this New England style bedroom we’ve created a coherent theme using formal and informal stripes on the walls and headboard, curtains and blind, using Riviera Mist curtains and Hatti Mineral Roman blind.  Source: Hillarys.co.uk

Trim With Fabric
Add a fun element to the bedroom decor with a simple, rectangular valance accentuated with beaded fringe, says Washington state designer Natalia Smith. It’s a clean, unobstructed look that opens the room to light and color and adds the finishing touch — as long as the fabric in the valance matches what’s on the pillows and bedding. Smith prefers a cornice with simple padding and a finished edge at the bottom for transitional, as opposed to traditional, style. Source: HGTV


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