There are many factors to consider when choosing which type of window treatment you’d like to get for your home. Here are three of them:

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Unlike many years ago, window coverings are available in a variety of different styles. Your choices include wood blinds, cellular shades, woven wood shades, pleated shades, shutters and draperies. While many people will choose the same wood blind or shade for every room in their house, that isn’t always the best idea.
A better idea is to consider what each room is being used for and then choose your window coverings based on that.
For example, bathrooms and bedrooms require more privacy then let’s say your kitchen. For those rooms you should look for coverings that room-darkening features. Not only will that help to block the sun on those summer mornings when you want to sleep in but the sun rises at 6 AM, but it will also block anyone from seeing into your room. Another benefit is that in the summer the room-darkening shades will block out the heat and the winter they will block out the cold. Source: SheBudgets

Are you outfitting just one window or the entire house? You may consider spending more on certain windows and scaling back on others. Window treatments are priced by size, so expect larger treatments to cost more. Custom sizes and specialty fabrics, patterns, and features also add to the cost. Source: GoodHousekeeping

Window’s Exposure
Windows that are facing towards the east or south can produce large amounts of heat and sunlight. This can cause furniture, carpeting and other areas of the home to fade if some level of sun blockage is not used. Source: AngiesList

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