Are you looking for the ideal window blinds? Selecting the right blinds can be daunting without adequate information.

This post considers 3 tips and considerations to help when choosing the right window blinds.

Maximize Privacy
Keep the outside world out of your bedroom with Venetian blinds, which consist of overlapping, slatted horizontal blinds that can be opened and closed with attached cords. Venetian blinds made of wood can give you a rustic feel, while softer fabric blinds will give your bedroom a contemporary look. Sheer blinds such as the Silhouette shade allow you to see out during the day while still providing privacy. For maximum light control buy blinds such the Duette honeycomb that close tightly so you’ll have privacy and a dark room for sleeping at night. Source: Overstock

blackout blinds in living room

Measure Carefully
The rule of thumb is to measure height and width at least twice for accurate specifications. Shoppers should note window depth if opting for products installed inside of the casing. If a casing is not deep enough, blinds may protrude out too far. Blinds installed outside of the casing should completely cover the window with at least 2 inches of overlap on each side. Source: Ebay

Consider the Budget
Are you outfitting just one window or the entire house? You may consider spending more on certain high profile or priority windows and scaling back on others. Window treatments are priced by size, so expect larger treatments to cost more. Although, what I find is that most people do not upgrade their blinds once purchased. So having an idea as to how long you plan on spending in you home will help you determine how much money your should dedicate towards your purchase. Source: GoodHouseKeeping

Purchasing great blinds is an investment, so make sure to consider the above tips when making your purchase.  If you would like to discuss more options, please give us a call or start shopping here.

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