A picture window is a type of window with a single pane of glass which usually does not open. It doesn’t provide ventilation, but it is designed to provide a great outdoor view in the living room where it’s commonly placed. Know how to decorate this type of window by checking out the tips below!

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

Because they were built into post-war homes, which were predominantly modern in style, blinds suit them particularly well. Depending on the width of the window and the look you want, you might want to use one large blind or multiple blinds side by side.
Cellular and Venetian blinds are typically easier to fit on these large windows than softer blinds like Roman shades. You can find blinds for them by searching for “large window blinds” in addition to “picture window blinds.” Source: DIYNetwork

To allow light in and still be able to showcase a great view, try a valance. When you measure for the height it will be, add more inches if you can to mount it closer to the ceiling so the windows look taller. Valances should cover any blinds or shades you may want to add underneath. You do not need to spend a lot on the blind or shade underneath your valance, because it won’t show when not in use. Source: Houzz

Framing Architecture
The physical structure of the window may also affect the window coverings you have room to mount. For example, a roller shade requires at least two inches of frame clearance for an inside-mounted system. Low-profile shades, such as pleated or honeycomb may need as little as one inch of clearance for mounting. Window-opening devices, such as handles and cranks, can also affect your available shade choices. If your picture window is a single pane of glass and is over eight feet wide, it may require a custom-made shade, further limiting your choices either through design or budget constraints. Custom-made fabric window shades, such as Roman shades, can be made for oversized windows. Source: SFGate

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