Choosing which type of window treatments you’d like for your home can be a bit daunting because of the number of options available. However, there is something special about roman blinds which makes them so popular. Below are 3 reasons why roman blinds may be your best bet:

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The Goods on Style
Roman blinds come in an array of materials and styles, making them a good window treatment for many spaces. For the industrial or minimalist home, you might choose sleek, solid-colored linen blinds, or opt for satin weave with a subtle stripe or check pattern. For a traditional, country or shabby chic abode, consider blinds in rich tweed or woven jacquard with high cotton content for warmth; embossed faux silk filters light and offers a subtler look. Lined, light-blocking versions allow you to darken bedrooms or enjoy living room privacy from passersby. In damp areas, such as the kitchen, laundry room or bathroom, Roman blinds made from easy-to-wipe-clean synthetic material that’s less vulnerable to mold are a smart choice. Source: Homeguides.SFGate

Roman shades offer a large amount of privacy and light blockage. The full fabric panels filter sunlight as it enters the room and prevent outside passersby from seeing into the home. For even more light blockage, most special order Roman blind manufacturers offer a blackout shade, constructed with a special lining that blocks out all light from rooms that need a complete room-darkening feature. The room darkening option also keeps shadows from being cast to the exterior at night when lights are on in the room. Source: eHow

One of the biggest advantages to using Roman shades on your windows is their timeless style.  Romans have been around for decades (in their present form) and tend not to cycle in and out of popularity with the latest trend.  A wise fabric selection will extend the life of your shade by keeping it from becoming too trendy. Source: ALittleDesignHelp

If you’re still not convinced, we can help you pick out the best window treatment option that has all the characteristics you are looking for. Contact us!


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