A wide variety of window coverings can improve lighting, privacy and efficiency in your home while enhancing or changing the design of an entire room. Here are 3 things to consider when installing window treatments.

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Number & Size of Windows
Clearly the number of windows that need treatments installed affects the price of installation. However, like most home improvement jobs, there are some cost savings associated with increased volume because the workers and their tools are already on site. Therefore, while the installation of a single custom window covering costs on average $60-$70, the price to install two is less than double that, around $80. The price for three or more is similarly discounted, ranging from about $100 for three to about $120 for five window treatment installations.  Source: HomeAdvisor

Material and Quality
Whether you’re looking to add some serious designer cred to the look of your home, or you’re dead set about stopping pesky sunlight from bothering you on a weekend morning, the kind of material you choose can significantly affect your price.
For instance, window blinds, shades, and shutters can be made from plastic, vinyl, metal, hardwood, faux wood, bamboo, and even fabric. Hardwood is among the most expensive material while vinyl is among the least. Lower-end materials can cost as little as $20 per panel while high-end materials can be a little more.
But quality of window treatments doesn’t just have to do with the material itself. The quality is also affected by who has designed and manufactured the treatments. A set of custom-made blinds made from hardwood, specifically intended to be eco-friendly and hand-crafted by a leading designer will cost you much more than a mass-produced vinyl blind. Whether or not these differences in price — which can be hundreds, if not thousands of dollars — are worth it to you depend on how you plan on using the treatments, the ease or difficulty of fitting blinds to your unique windows, and how much value you put in design and decor. Source: SomfySystems


  • Curtains or Drapes: You have several choices in what you can use to cover your windows. Drapes and curtains come in a variety of shades, designs, lengths and textures. It would be very easy to find drapes and curtains that went well with your room’s motif. Some curtains also have unique features that block the sun. Curtains can be as transparent as you wish. For the “greenest” option, blackout curtains are available. These curtains completely block out the sun’s heat and light from your room, saving on unnecessary cooling costs. To get best results with blackout curtains, have a professional measure the area to be covered. Many people opt for another window treatment such as blinds or a shade underneath the curtains.
  • Blinds: Blinds are another option you may choose. They may come with horizontal slats or vertical slats. Most of them have a pull cord that opens the slats when twisted and opens the entire blind when pulled. When you are considering which blinds to buy, remember, ones that are of lower quality usually don’t hold up as well as custom blinds. Flimsy blind slats will twist, tear off and stain. Many companies sell blinds of a much higher quality that look great for years. A home improvement professional will measure your window and install blinds that fit perfectly for your unique window. Try window blinds that are made of wood for a dramatic effect.
  • Shades: Other types of blinds are often referred to as shades. The roll-up shade rolls up to close similar to a scroll. The Roman shade has become more popular lately. This shade folds up onto itself to close. It is possible to hire a professional to make and install your fabric shades. When choosing your fabric for the Roman shade, remember that it is okay for window treatments to be your accent color rather than the dominant colors of the room. Source:  ImproveNet

 Professional window covering installation can ensure your window treatments are installed properly and without damage to the walls and trim of your home. For more information, contact us now!


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