The kitchen may not be the most important room in the house, but you do spend a lot of time in it. And, we know the best food is made with love, so it’s a given that you should feel comfortable in your kitchen. When it comes to your kitchen’s curtains, here are some tips that might help you choose the best curtains that perfectly fit your kitchen style.

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Curtain Fabric
There are many kinds of fabric available for kitchen curtains from those made of heavy materials, to those made of lightweight fibers. Brocades and other heavier fabrics are usually not recommended as they obstruct air and light. The most recommended fabric for kitchen curtains is cotton because it is a durable but lightweight fabric that is easy to wash, and is thus ideal to the demands of kitchen action.
There are fabrics that have cute printed or embroidered designs that could definitely add to the aesthetic value of the curtains. It is however important to check if the fabric is light resistant so that it would not easily fade or turn yellow over time. Some kitchen curtains are quite thin and might need to have linings. Most fabrics are sold pre-shrunk so that their shapes would not be altered, however, if you are making your own curtain, you might need to make some allowance for shrinkage. Source: StreetDirectory

Curtain Color
If your kitchen already has a theme and/or color, you should take care to seamlessly integrate the curtains. Match them to the tiles (including wall tiles), counters, furniture, etc.
If you have tiles of neutral colors, you should keep this neutrality with your curtains. Focus your choice towards beige, white or pastel colors.
If you can, select a range of color samples that you like and check if they match the rest of your kitchen. Source: GroomedHome

Curtain Style
Curtain styles in the kitchen are country, contemporary and casual and like color we generally have a theme in our home and most of us keep to that theme.
For many a country style kitchen is popular since it incorporates earth tones that make the kitchen a warm and comfortable place to spend time in. There are literally 1000’s of country style curtains to choose from. Toile, Battenburg and lace curtains are just a few.
For many of the urban dwellers living in cities contemporary curtains/valances is the perfect choice. These types of curtains generally have straight lines without a lot of texture and are solid in color some have vertical or horizontal lines on them. Source: HelpfulKitchenTips


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