Framing your kitchen windows with the right window treatment makes a big difference in the look and feel of your kitchen. Here are some tips that will guide you in choosing the perfect curtains for your kitchen.

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

Below are 3 tips for choosing kitchen curtains:

Colour and Fabric
Fabric is an essential part of choosing curtains, since the material will dictate how well your curtains function and hold up over time. “If they’re too heavy, they may not fold crisply when drawn; too light and they may not fall well,” says designer Suysel DePedro Cunningham of Tilton Fenwick.
Lana Lawrence, who is vice president of Anthony Lawrence-Belfair curtain fabricators and who works with designers like Alexa Hampton and Katie Ridder, suggests holding fabrics up to a window, even in a fabric showroom. “Pleat it like an accordion at the top and let it drape,” she says. “If it starts to flare like a piece of crinoline, then it’s not going to fall nicely on the window.” Work with a big sample, at least 2 yards, since a smaller piece may not show the fabric’s true drape.
Linen, silk, faux silk, and velvet are best choices to use for window treatments since they tend to hang the best, says Guercio. “Faux silk tends to be the most durable,” she says. And in a particularly sunny room, faux silk doesn’t deteriorate as quickly as real silk.
Some fabrics can help keep out the cold. Many hotels use suede, velvet, tapestry, or tweed since their weight helps block light and keep heat in. Still, nearly any fabric can be interlined with bump, a thick, insulating felt material. And interlining—a piece of fabric slipped between the lining and the face fabric—can also help prolong the life of the curtains. “If silk is unlined, it will rot,” says Lawrence. Adds Cunningham: “Lining and interlining are what give curtains their body and fullness.” Source: ElleDecor

When it comes to your curtains’ patterns, once again, it depends on your vision of what feel you want to give your kitchen. Everything is possible:

  • United
  • Stripes (equal or asymmetrical)
  • Flowery (jacquard weaving, embroidery, etc.)
  • Geometric shapes

You have a wide range of options on the market with suppliers of fabrics and curtains that can give you the desired final touch for your kitchen, whether modern, artistic or retro. Source: GroomedHome

Length and Lining
Floor-length curtains are the best option when your kitchen has large windows or ones that have odd shapes. Here are several solutions for fitting curtains on large windows.
As a practical advice, no matter the size or the shape of your kitchen windows, a simple, informal style always fits in well.
Take a good look to the other elements of your kitchen when buying the curtains. No matter if you go for the modern, classic or country look, choose the fabric and colors for curtains that go with the cabinets, for instance.
Most kitchen curtains are sill length. This is practical and doesn’t overwhelm the kitchen, and suits most small to medium-sized kitchens, minus the really big ones.
When it comes to curtains, it’s always important to remember one thing: measure right, twice even. You can’t go for the „too short” or „too long” just as you can’t go long or short on a pair of trousers, for instance. „Too rich”, that’s the only thing you can overdo. Anytime. Source: VeryCozyHome

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