There are a few things you can consider when you wish to soundproof your windows. Continue reading to learn more about some tips that will help reduce noise and insulate your home.

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

Soundproof Curtains
Consider other methods of soundproofing that can be used with your curtains. Things that can supplement the soundproof curtains include fabric panels, vinyl drywall and double window panes.
Keep your own noise from leaving your home with soundproof curtains as well. If you enjoy playing your music or television loudly, or you play your own instruments inside your home, set up your equipment near the curtains to avoid disturbing your neighbors or other passers-by. Source: wikiHow

Soundproof Windows
Soundproof windows, made with double- or triple-pane structures, are designed to have inherently good soundproofing qualities. The downside is the work involved; you’ll need to replace your current windows with new soundproof windows. There is a simpler alternative, however. Some companies produce an insert which fits in the window frame from the inside. The insert helps block sound, but does not require you to replace your window and does not interfere with your ability to see through the window. You may need to replace any current blinds or similar items, however, since they may no longer fit properly with the insert installed. Getting an exact fit is essential with this option, as gaps allow sound to travel in. Source: SFGate

An  alternative to replacing the existing window with a double or triple pane glass acoustical window,  (a noise reduction of about 30%-70%), or to add another interior window, (90%) is to make a removable soundproofing “plug” to fill the frame and to block the sound coming through the window. (Also 90%)  While this will also block light, it won’t matter if the window is a bedroom and noise is keeping you from using your room or sleeping.  If light is wanted for day use, make the plug removable. It can then be removed to allow light to enter the room. Source: SoundProofing

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