Are you planning to transform your space and thinking of getting window blinds for your window treatment? There is basically 3 different types of blinds. 1. Blinds that go up and down, 2. blinds that tilt horizontally and 3. blinds that tilt vertically. Read below to learn about how the 3 types of window blinds that might fit your home style.hunter douglas shutters in living room

Venetian Blinds – Venetian blinds are the most common types of window blinds on the market. They work well in any room and on virtually any window style. Venetian blinds offer a unique design with horizontal slats positioned on top of each other and held in place by string. The slats are generally made of aluminum, composite wood (faux wood), or real wood. The string cording holds the slats together, and when rotated, they move in a synchronized motion. The cording system allows the blinds to fully close, partially open, or fully open for complete light control. The cording system also allows the Venetian blinds to pull upwards, allowing the window to be fully exposed, and full light allowed inside the room. The common slat width for a Venetian blind is 1 inch, but they range in sizes up to  2 1/2″ inches and above. Source: eBay

Roller Blinds – Are an example of shade that functions are up and down and is the hottest product on market right now. Offering a clean modern look along with a variety of light control options. A roller blind is a rectangular swath of material attached to a wooden dowel or metal tube, and mounted between two brackets. A chain pulley system or a spring mechanism rolls the fabric up and down. Automated roller blinds are available, and is a great way to control multiple blinds in a room or hard to reach windows. That said, hanging cords and loops can present a bona fide hazard in house’s with young kids. Source: Remodelista

sun shades double roller blind

Vertical Blinds – also known as track blinds, these are made from vertical hanging slats attached together.  Vertical blinds are perfect for sliding doors and large windows. A wide range of materials and colours are used for the fabric vanes that allow you coordinate with your home decor and control the light. If you are looking for energy efficiency, light control and wish to impart your home with a distinct look, then the vertical blinds are still a great option . Source: Homeditluminette shade by Hunter Doulgas

Wood Blinds – Wood blinds are a another example of horizontal blinds that tilt. Some of the most attractive and effective window treatment options on the market. For starters, they create a natural, warm feeling in any room they are installed. Add to that their availability in a wide variety of styles, stains, colors, sizes and even materials, and its clear why they have become a favorite of homeowners and interior decorators alike. The benefits don’t stop with their good looks, however. These blinds are excellent insulators against heat and cold because of their solid wood construction. Source: HomeAdvisor

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