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3 Ways to Childproof Windows at Home

by | Aug 24, 2017 | Blog

oman shade_literise_in childs roomChildren’s curiosity pushes them to try outnew things and explore new places. As a parent, you have to ensure their safety by childproofing your entire home. Here, you’ll find the best tips in making your windows much safer for the kids.

Securely Anchor Curtains and Drapes
When toddlers first learn to walk, they tend to use things around them to pull themselves up. This makes long drapes susceptible to tugs, and if they are not securely anchored to the wall, the result can be disastrous.

Make sure your curtain rod is securely fastened to its wall mount brackets, not just resting on them. If these brackets are not attached to studs, be sure to use hollow wall anchors. Another option is to simply switch up your décor and hang shorter drapes until your child gets a bit older. Source: Omaha

Keep the Cord Out of Reach

Note: Exposed cords are no longer available to be sold in Canada as of May 1st, 2021. Although, you may still own corded blind product it is not possible to order new/replacement blinds with cords.

  • Do not place any cribs, beds, or furniture close to any windows because children can climb on them and gain access to the cords.
  • Make sure to make all loose cords inaccessible and keep all window cords out of the reach of children at all times. If you have tasselled pull cords short, make sure to keep them as short as possible, and permanently anchor any continuous-loop cords to the floor or wall.
  • Lock cords into position when lowering horizontal coverings or shades to prevent inner-cord hazards.
  • If the window shade has looped bead chains or nylon cords, install tension devices to keep the cord taut. Source: TheSpruce

Don’t Leave the Window Open
Lock your windows. Many windows have built-in locks you can latch shut with a key to prevent the window from opening. If your windows have keys built-in, this is your best option for baby proofing your windows. If your windows do not have keys, however, use another method. Installing keys is costly and time-consuming and it’s far easier to use an alternative window locking method. Source: WikiHow

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