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3 Ways to Love Draperies

by | Aug 15, 2017 | Blog

Decorating with window treatments can be an overwhelming process. When selecting a curtain or drape, you need to think about function and style. Here are 3 ways to love draperies, including: soften hard edges, create a partition and enhance architectural features.

Soften Hard Edges
Hanging draperies as high as possible looks best and it is especially true with angled windows. One rule of thumb is to have all drapery panels in a room at the same height.  It is generally more pleasing. If an angled window is also on an angled wall, I like to follow that line like interior designer Jennifer Scully did here.  Of course, that is breaking the rule above.  But by using the same fabric, Jennifer makes it work beautifully here.

This soft treatment hits the right mood in a teen room.  Easily changed out in the future, sheers are great when you follow the lines of an angled window.  They don’t look too heavy in what is already an awkward window. Source: MaryettaDesigns

Create a Partition
Sometimes we end up in homes where the hall is big, but not enough that we can use a solid wooden/cane/furniture partition. In such cases a drapery comes in really handy. Just hang it from the middle of the room and you will get a beautiful partition, ready.

A partition created with drapery is more fluid than a solid one and helps in maintaining the continuity of space despite the partition. Source: Bonito

Enhance Architectural Features
Sometimes it’s not the window you want to emphasize but another architectural feature, such as a rounded ceiling like the one here. The billowing fabric undoubtedly sets an intimate tone for this dining area, but at some point the question arose of how best to hang it. An arched rod can be costly and does not always create the desired look in the context. Here, there is no harsh metal abutting the soft curve; instead, decorative fleur-de-lys medallions represent the seized design opportunity to reinforce the French sensibility of this sensuous dining space. Source: Houzz


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