Maintaining your window treatments often more than curtains can help preserve their beauty much longer. Here are 3 ways to clean common types of window treatments, such as: honeycombs (cellular shades), wood blinds and roller blind.

Honeycombs (cellular shades)
These insulating window treatments are a hot pick for their energy efficiency, but they have a secret cleaning advantage, too. “Honeycombs are so easy to clean. Just use the dusting tool on your vacuum,” says Carolyn Forte, the director of the Good Housekeeping Research Institute Home Appliance and Cleaning Products department. “Give them a once-over on low suction, and you’re done.” After dusting, most stains can be lightly blotted with a sponge, lukewarm water, and mild dish detergent. Source:  GoodHouseKeeping

Wood Blinds

Never wash your wood blinds with water. The wood has been sealed, but water can still cause warping, discoloration, bowing, or bubbling. Also avoid ultrasonic cleaning or use of chemical solvents, which can also cause damage to your wood blinds. The great news, however, is that your wood blinds won’t need a lot of cleaning. Here are your options:

  • Use a dry, soft feather duster, clean cloth, dust cloth, or dusting mitt. Lightly wipe or brush the top of each slat to remove dust.
  • Tilt each slat individually to a 45-degree angle, first one way and then the other. Then can help knock the dust loose, making your blinds instantly cleaner.
  • Use the soft brush attachment on your vacuum.  Source:  SelectBlinds

Country Woods blinds with tapes for Kitchen

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds offer simple, elegant window coverings that fit in with nearly every décor. Cleaning methods depend largely on the material that the roller blinds are made of. If the material can be submerged in water, then follow the simple cleaning procedures below. If they are made from a material that cannot become saturated with water, then spot cleaning will be the only safe cleaning option. Source:  HowToCleanStuff

roller shades in kids room

With these tips, learning how to clean blinds isn’t as hard as you think. If you want to know more about window treatments, please give us a call or contact us here.

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