Are you having problems decorating your bay window? This short article will provide 3 suggestions on how to do it.

Hang a Curtain at Each Window
Curtain poles for bay windows can be expensive and tricky to fit around curves and bends, so fitting a separate pole at each window is a good option.
Hang a pair of curtains at the middle window and then frame each side with another curtain. This will create an extremely sophisticated look, bringing the focus to the bay, and tie back hooks fitted high up will allow the curtains to be gathered in an attractive swag of fabric.
Finish the look with a narrow valance around the top of the window in a dark fabric to draw the eye upwards and create a sense of space. Source: HouseToHome

roman blinds with drapery side panels in a bay window

Silk Panels
Silk panels are a traditional way to update the look of any bay window. For a contemporary twist, designer Jessica Nixon suggests applying a fabric tape or braid to the inside of each panel. “Another option would be to use two colors of silk: one for the body of the drape and a one- or two-foot band at the top or bottom of the silk panel,” Nixon says. Source: HGTV

drapes and silhouette blinds in bay window

Sheer Blinds or Drapery Panels
A beautiful set of bay window blinds can also increase the allure of your windows. Sheer blinds or drapery panels are a good choice since they’ll give you just the right amount of privacy and, at the same time, lightly filter sunlight to create an overall warm ambience. Remember, you can easily add motorization to any bay window covering. This is especially useful for hard to reach bay windows with a built-in seating area. Source: BudgetBlinds

sheer curtain panels in a bay window

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