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3 Window Treatment Ideas for Tall Windows

by | Aug 29, 2017 | Blog

Beautiful large windows have huge advantages including lots of natural light and the ability to admire inspiring views from the comfort of your sofa. However, you might be wondering how you going to furnish these gorgeous windows.  Check out these 3 window treatment ideas for tall windows:

Drapery, the most traditional choice for tall windows, makes your room feel dramatic and regal.

When choosing drapery, keep in mind the scale of the room. A 2-inch diameter curtain rod will become lost on top of a 15-foot-tall window, so use bigger drapery hardware and larger pleats for your drapes so you can see the grand effect.

Personalize the drapery to match your home style by using tiebacks, patterns or valances.

Layer different materials to add interest and dimension to your drapery. You can also include different colors to match your home decor. Source: Angieslist

Roman Shades
If you need multiple roman shades to fill a wide wall of windows, make sure you choose a pattern that allows you to stack each shade next to each other so it feels like one long shade. When there are no breaks in between each shade, your window looks streamlined.

Tip: Don’t forget to hang them higher than the windows if your windows are low. When measuring the height you need for the shades, be sure to include the extra material to cover the gap between ceiling and top of the window. Source: Houzz

Top down / Bottom up Cellular
Cellular shades are a clean and modern look to consider as a tall window treatment idea.  Their energy efficiency is perfect when the midday sun is streaming through your tall windows, keeping you cool inside.  What is most amazing about cellular shades is that they are available in a top down/bottom up feature.  The top and bottom of your shade move independently, giving you precise command of how much light is flowing into your home, preserving privacy without sacrificing natural light. Source: BlindsGalore


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