Appropriate decorations are crucial when adorning a small space. Adding too much or too little can greatly affect the overall look of the room. Check out the following tips to help you out:

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Hang Drapes from Floor to Ceiling
This helps anchor a room and provides a cocooning effect. A simple valance disguises the workings of the window treatment, while implying a sense of architecture. Source: HuffingtonPost

Stick to Small Punches of Color
I spoke to Sabine Schoenberg, a home improvement expert and host of Homes & Estates—Today & Tomorrow, on how to use color schemes to make a small room look bigger. Schoenberg suggests sticking with soft colors or neutral color palettes when decorating. your apartment. “Lots of people choose to have a coffee table in the center of the living room with a vase of fresh flowers as the focal point,” Schoenberg says. “This is going to draw the eye to that vase of flowers. If you put that punch of color on a shelf at the far end of the wall, the eye will be extend farther.” Similarly, avoid brightly colored window treatments in a bedroom that will serve to stop the eye. Choose instead a bright headboard against the far wall of the room for a punch of color. Textures can also add interesting dimension to softer or neutral color home pieces. Source: More

Consider Blinds
Blinds are a great option to make a room look larger, as they can be pulled totally clear of the window, almost disappearing. This allows more light to enter the room when open as well, also making any room look larger and brighter. If you hang curtains, make sure when they are open they draw totally clear of the window for the same reason. Source: DecoratingYourSmallSpace

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