Choosing a window treatment for a sliding glass door can be a challenge because you don’t want to hinder the usefulness of the door. Consider these 3 common window treatments as you dress up your sliding door.

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Vertical Blinds
Sliding door blinds are the most common window treatments and provide the best solution for privacy concerns in a home where sliding doors and French doors are used. Sliding doors are attractive and efficient, but they need to come with the proper kind of treatment to preserve privacy and filter sunlight.
But choosing the wrong kind of blinds can ruin the beauty and efficiency of a sliding door. So in order to keep this from happening, you need to know the different choices you have when it comes to sliding door blinds. Sometimes having tons of choices can be overwhelming, but it is a blessing in this case if you know what options you have.
Blinds are commonly made of PVC plastic, Faux Wood, Real, Wood, and Fabric. They are constructed using slats or vanes that can be adjusted using a cord, a wand, or a remote control. Their slats slightly overlap, making the blinds and shades very easily adjustable. Because they are easily adjustable, blinds can provide privacy whenever you want it. You can also control the amount of light that can get in your home. Source: DecorSnob

Side-Mounted Panels
Purely decorative treatments, such as these side-mounted panels, are perfect for sliders that receive constant use or that frame unbeatable vistas so the view remains barrier-free. The panels don’t move, so go ahead and mount the rods out of reach (these are positioned 12 inches above the top of the door’s frame) for a design trick that visually adds height to a low ceiling. Source: BHG

Privacy Sheers
If you are looking for a classical, elegant look, Luminette Privacy Sheers are a good choice. The sheer facing resembles traditional sheer draperies, while the 180-degree rotating vertical fabric vanes give you complete control over light and privacy to create the perfect ambiance you desire. Source: HunterDouglas


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