Wood blinds can be a great look for any home. However, there are different factors that influence the cost of wood blinds that you should take into consideration, including: size, materials, installation and brand and manufacturing.

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

When you need to find out exactly what your cost will be the first step is to take careful and accurate measurements of each window you plan to purchase blinds or window shades for. After you have measured the length and width of your window you need to find how many square feet it is. If you are not sure how to measure please consult our “How To Measure” guide. To find the square footage of your window multiply the width times length to get square inches and convert it to square feet by dividing that by 1. Ex. 4. 2 inches wide x 4. For blinds on the lower end of the price range the average cost is roughly $3.
For blinds on the higher end of the price range the average cost is roughly $7. Lower priced blinds tend to be faux wood blinds, aluminum blinds, and pleated shades. Install Ubuntu On Vmware Workstation 9. Mid- range window treatments options are solar shades, composite blinds, roller shades, woven- wood shades and vertical blinds. Source: Freeinstalzonepan9

There are also several different types of shades available, each of which may come available in a different style or material. Some of the most popular types of shades include roller shades, which can be pulled up or down to let in varying amounts of light, honeycomb shades, which look similar to blinds and offer a more contemporary look, Roman shades, which hang neatly and are made of a thick fabric that stacks at the top of the window, and solar shades, which give people inside the home a clear view of the outside without letting in UV rays or any direct sunlight. Just like blinds, shades can come in a variety of sizes, colors and materials depending on the budget of the buyer.  Source: HomeAdvisor

Since wood blinds are not especially fragile, installation may be something that homeowners feel comfortable tackling on their own. However, many individuals will opt to hire professional installation teams to ensure the correct fit and an attractive finished product. When buying wood blinds, installation may be included for large purchases. Otherwise, expect minimum installation fees of $99 and up, which should include the cost of a home visit.  Source:  Improvenet

Brand and Manufacturing
A third factor is the window blind manufacturer. All manufactures have suggested retail pricing for their products at different price levels. Household name brands such as Hunter Douglas, Comfortex and Graber will cost you more to purchase than a private label or local brand. Another reason these brands tend to be more expensive is the amounts of money spent doing developing and product testing. These major brands are innovators in the industry in areas such as safety and energy efficiency. If you working on a low cost budget a good suggestion would be private label brands which can be purchased from a local retailer. These brands are less expensive and sometimes have similar products as major brand companies. Source: AWBlinds  

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