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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Vertical Blinds

by | Jul 11, 2017 | Blog

Blinds can add grace to a room. However, they also require careful thought in choosing the right blinds for your windows. Vertical blinds are best for giving a taller look to your windows. Here are some guide tips that can help you choose the right vertical blinds as per your needs and requirements of your room.

Wooden Vertical Blinds: One of the most popular types of vertical blinds on the market is made from wood. If budget is no concern, then wooden vertical blinds can add elegance to any environment. However, wood is also susceptible to sunlight fading, mildew and humidity more than other materials, and this may cause them to require maintenance and replacement more often.

Metal Vertical Blinds: Homeowners who are on a limited budget might turn to metal vertical blinds, which are typically made from aluminum. This material won’t rust easily, and it is incredibly easy to keep clean and maintain. However, larger slats can dent or crease over time, and there is no real way to fix this without replacing the slat entirely. Metal vertical blinds can be purchased in a variety of colors and thicknesses, but this is one material that might be noisy if there is a breeze in the home from an open window or a closing door.

Solid or Translucent PVC Vertical Blinds: PVC, or Polyvinyl chloride, is a synthetic material that is a top choice for the construction of vertical blinds. Designed to be strong and durable, PVC is available in a number of colors, thicknesses and translucency options to better fit the needs of the buyer. This material is also flame-resistant, making it ideal for children’s bedrooms. Fabric Vertical Blinds: For a softer feel, some homeowners are drawn to the look of fabric vertical blinds. This material can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, but larger stains and damage can be tougher to deal with. Anyone who wants the light and style of curtains with the sleekness of blinds will want to consider this fabric option, which can come in hundreds of potential colors and patterns to suit the design of the homeowner. Source: ImproveNet

Light Filtering and Privacy
Vertical blinds will never be a good choice for room darkening or black out. Even opaque materials like vinyl will not totally darken a room – too many light gaps to be effective in this regard.  But there numerous light filtering choice in fabric vertical blinds. There are solar screen vertical blinds. They have vanes made from the same solar screen material as solar shades. This is a good choice for patio doors or large windows with a view.  The solar screen material allows view-through while blocking UV rays and solar heat gain. You can choose from a range of screen openness factors from about 3%-14%; the greater the number, the more light can pass through the material. Fabric vertical blinds are a good choice to preserve natural light as many of the choices provide gentle light filtering.

One of the basic function of any window treatment is privacy. Most vertical blinds will provide privacy (people can’t see into your home). Solar vertical blinds are one of the few choices that don’t provide privacy.  In general, be mindful of the opacity of the vanes. How you see out of your window, is likely how people can see into your home. Source: Blindsgalore.WordPress

While most people will go for the option with the lowest required maintenance, others don’t mind performing a little upkeep in exchange for stunning blinds that will stand the test of time. Fabric will require more upkeep than plastic, metal or timber – but even fabric window furnishings are relatively easy to look after. Generally, all they require is the occasional vacuum and spot stain removal. Source: Blog.RisMedia

Installing Vertical Blinds (or any blinds) can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the style, material and the brand of blinds you choose. Before you order. Count how many windows you are looking at purchasing blinds for and measure them. That way you can price for the whole house and budget from there. Source:  CompleteBlinds


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