Every time we look out a window, what we want to see is a pleasant view. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. The good thing is that there a number of things we can do to make it more bearable. Here are a few:

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Double Up Curtain Panels
Pairing sheer and opaque curtains together will make your windows look dramatic, romantic, and high class. Hang heavy opaque curtains on the outside and on the inside hang light, silky and sheer curtains. You’ll be amazed at how good your windows look! Source: BetterDecoratingBible

Frame the View with an Adjustable Window Treatment
Like clerestory windows, the Roman shades on these windows bring in light from above while maintaining privacy. They might also help conceal an offending feature outside. Source: Houzz

Window Sill Flowers, Plants or Herbs
Get natural and use an array of lovely alive things to hide a view you don’t love. You can just use your window sill (though be sure you’re protecting the wood from leaking pots if you do) or you can build an extra ledge or box to plant in. Or you can just use a narrow table set in front of the window to arrange a lovely little garden in front of.  Source: ApartmentTherapy

Install Stained or Etched Glass
If the window is in a prominent part of the room and if it is generously sized, consider using stained glass to block the outside view. Your stained glass should be precisely sized so that it can fit over or replace the existing glass. This way, you can still open the windows when you need to.
Just remember to choose an eye-catching design with plenty of transparent pieces if the window you are working on is the room’s major source of natural lighting. Make sure you use a temporary stained glass option and follow the proper steps to remove it if you end up moving out.
If you don’t like the stained-glass look, you can use etching to give the window a lovely design, while still letting in some natural light. Note: Etchings on glass windows can be removed with buffing or chemicals, but please get your landlord’s written permission just to be on the safe side. Source: Blog.Rent

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