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5 Decorating Tips for an Attic Bedroom Sanctuary

by | Jul 25, 2017 | Blog

Attics are places that seem to be frozen in time, collecting dust and hiding forgotten family heirlooms. However, with some effort, it is possible to transform the underused space into a stylish, tranquil haven.

Below are 5 decorating tips for an attic bedroom sanctuary:

Using Sloped Ceilings Properly
Use sloped ceilings wisely. “Dormers are great for window seats, desks or reading nooks,” says Heron. “These types of activities don’t require ceiling height, so where things are constricted, they provide extra function to that space.”
If you’re short on storage, built-in shelving is another wise use of the space where a sloped ceiling meets the floor. Source: Houzz

Avoiding Overcrowding & Using Furniture
Speaking of furniture, since attics tend to be more cramped than other rooms you’ll want to avoid overstuffing your attic with bulky furniture. The fewer items you have, the better the flow will be. Choose furniture with a low profile since ceiling height could impede movement. Keep beds away from the lowest parts of the room so that nobody bumps their heads when getting in and out.  Another issue with a converted attic is that you often lose storage space. This is a problem since you also want to limit the amount of furniture in the attic. The answer is to incorporate storage into the furniture you have. Beds that have drawers beneath them, ottomans that have interior storage, and other multi-purpose pieces of furniture will help you achieve this goal without swamping the space. Source: Blog.ClubFurniture

Picking Colors
The room paint is quite a challenge for the attic room. The reason behind this is simple, these kind of rooms have less walls and wide ceiling. It is important to do the paint work carefully so that you can make the room attractive. The trick is to use two different colours on the wall and the ceiling. Select white or neutral colour for the walls to make it bright. Source: HomeDecorXP

Making Use of a Ceiling Skylight
The attic is the perfect location for a skylight. Although it doesn’t strictly fall under the category of decorations, it’s a very practical project that will add to the appeal of your home. It will allow you to enjoy the great-looking night sky and cloud-gazing during the day right from the comfort of your new room. This will also save on electricity during the day as light will stream into your room and you won’t have to light up the place. There are many innovative options out there you can make use of during your projects. Source: ImproveNet

Choosing Window Treatments
The attic was now ready for the gangly youth, but there was an important detail that needed to be incorporated with Window treatments ideas! Neighbors who’d had their home redone recently told us, the best option to find large varieties of the most effortless and effective window dressings is online shopping. This would also save us professional consultation and installation fees. Going through the online options had our eyes popping! The variety was amazing, but we soon educated ourselves enough to narrow the options down to two – Window Shutters or Cellular Shades. Though the cellular shades were cheaper and provided exemplary insulation, we decided to get the Woodlore Plus Norman Shutters as we felt it would be a more resilient option for clumsy teenage hands. Source: ZebraBlinds


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