This new year, you have yet another chance to turn over a new leaf. Consider updating your interiors to inspire you in pushing through all the changes that you are looking to achieve this year. Continue reading for some ideas you can do to make your home look like new.

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Well-Seasoned Decor
You’ve probably taken down the Christmas decor, but the magic and charm of the holidays can remain through seasonally appropriate decor. Carefully consider your artwork, lighting, and foliage to create a warm ambiance in winter, or cool appeal in scorching temperatures! Source: BobVila

Organize the Everyday
One of the most useful ways to refresh your home for the new year is to make your functional, everyday items more organized and beautiful. A dramatic improvement can be as quick and easy as corralling necessities in an attractive cart or basket! Towels, cosmetic bags and essentials are all organized on the cart and ready to use. Source: TheInspiredRoom

Rearrange your Existing Furniture
No budget? No problem! Work with pieces you already have and rearrange them to create a new look. This will cost you nothing and will reinvigorate a room. Source: NicoleGibbonsStyle

Natural Elements
Organic materials are bringing nature indoors. “It’s all about nature-inspired and eco-friendly materials and designs,” says designer Lori Gilder. “It’s no longer a trend, but more of a philosophy in the evolution of design. Bamboo, matchstick blinds and natural woven shades layered with simple sheer linen panels create an elegant yet earthy sophistication in any space.” Source: HGTV

New Year, New Look
Think about giving your home a budget-friendly makeover in January by investing in timeless pieces such as wooden dining tables, neutral sofas and metal bed frames which are easily adaptable for any style. If you find an accent item that’s a bit wacky and wild but you absolute love it, treat yourself and use it as a new focal point to revitalize your space. A bold injection of color is a sure-fire way to give your home a facelift and start your year off in a bright and cheery way. Source: Wayfair

You can also just replace your window treatments for a quick fix! We can help you pick the best options for your home. Contact us!


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