Imagine this: you move into a new home with blank walls, bare windows and floors and absolutely no furniture. Do you panic or rejoice? Starting from scratch when designing a room is for some a blessing in disguise and for others an excuse to hire an interior decorator. If you are a new home buyer or currently in the process of downsizing, here are some tips for designing a room, or a whole home, literally from the ground up.

nantucket shade in living room
Function First
Before you start buying new furniture to fill up your empty rooms, consider how you plan to use each space. Will you host Super Bowl parties and sleepovers in the living room? Do you plan on reading the latest bestseller in a cozy chair by the fire?
Let the function of the room dictate the style of furnishings.
Ex. A cozy, deep-seated sofa upholstered in a durable fabric is the perfect choice for a living room that will see a lot of action.

Lay Down a Custom Area Rug
While you could literally spend days searching for the perfect area rug (a Google search for “area rugs” yields more than 16 million results), you may never find exactly what you are looking for. This is where custom-designed area rugs come in. A custom area rug can be designed to fit any size or shape of the room, including pesky nooks or narrow hallways. It can also serve as the inspiration for the color palette and furnishings for the rest of the room, as seen in the loft.

Create Flow from Room to Room
No one wants to live in a crayon box. That’s why it’s important to choose colours and furnishings that complement each other for each subsequent space in your home. For transitional spaces that flow from inside to out, coordinate but don’t match. Draw inspiration from your indoor fabrics and try a more saturated color palette where light is abundant

Tying it All Together With Window Coverings
You’ve determined the function of the space and chosen a colour palette now comes the fun part: adding in the little details that make a room feel cozy and complete. Start with window coverings that let in just the right amount of light while retaining privacy. A great example of this is the Silhouette blind. The sheer fabric lets you see out during the day, maintains your privacy and also provides the added benefit of protecting your flooring and furniture by reducing the U.V. rays by up to 86%. At night simply tilt the vanes for complete privacy.

Lastly, Accessorize

Layer decorative throw pillows and a throw in coordinating colours, patterns and textures against a neutral sofa for an instant room upgrade. Finally, artfully arrange your favorite mementos in groups of three to add interest and a familiar touch to the space.

Voila! Decorating a room from the ground up is not as daunting as it may appear at the outset. Plus, when you use fabric for the soft surfaces in your home, you can rest assured that your home will be as beautiful on the day you move out as it was on the day you moved in.
Source: Sunbrella Fabrics