The winter chill need not be a reason for an astronomical increase in your heating bill. Let your windows help insulate your home with the following tips:

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

Honeycomb Cellular Shades
Honeycomb cellular shades help to keep cold air and drafts out, not just from the window, but from around the window frame too.  It’s important to lower them at night when the temperatures are colder, and then open them during the day to use the energy of the sun to warm up the house. Source: GreenOptimistic

Weather Stripping
Use weather stripping to cover any gaps or spaces in parts of the windows that are moveable. First, clean the window parts thoroughly where stripping will be applied; then cut the weather stripping to size, peel the covering off the sticky side and apply where needed with enough pressure to ensure a good seal. Source: Overstock

Layered Window Treatments
To dress your windows really warmly, bundle them up in insulating shades (or cellular shades) with curtains hung on top. This elegant look makes any room feel more finished and will keep your house warmer. Source: Houzz

Storm Windows and Doors
If you have older windows and doors, adding storm windows and doors can help considerably. Window insulation film is another option to provide a layer of protection. “It really insulates the window,” Sassano says. Source: Money.USNews

Use Dark, Thick Curtains at Night
Another good way to winter proof your apartment is to use dark, thick curtains over your windows at night. During the day, if it’s sunny, you can draw your blinds back (so long as your windows are covered with film) and you may be able to receive some heating benefit from the sun. However, remember that nighttime is longer in the winter and that there may be cloudy days. When it’s not sunny out, you should cover the windows with dark, thick curtains, which can help trap heat. Source: Ohmyapt.ApartmentRatings

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