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Colour can have a dramatic impact on your mood, energy levels, and emotions.  Have you ever entered a room and felt suddenly energized?  Maybe you’ve been enveloped by a sense of calm simply because of the warm colours on the walls in a hotel room?  Though we may not always be aware, the psychology of colour influences every setting, and can make your home more comfortable- for relaxing, working, sleeping, gathering together, living.

When selecting colours for your home décor, you might already be considering the perceptive effects of warm (red, orange, and yellow) versus cool (blue, purple, and green) and how to best choose a colour to highlight the style and function of a room.  But we all know things aren’t so simple and you’ve probably noticed there are thousands of colours, hues, textures, and tints from which to choose.  Here’s where a Benjamin Moore Colour Expert comes to the rescue!

At Benjamin Moore, our professional colour consultation Vancouver team can help you make an ordinary room extraordinary.  Picking that exact colour to elevate the décor in your home can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

How Universal Blinds In-home Consultation Works

If you’re like many home owners you want to bring magazine style to your home, but you lack some of the technical and artistic skills to make it happen.  Our professional colour consultants will evaluate your project first hand, answering any questions, and helping you get the most out of your budget.

First, a colour expert visits your home to get to know you and your space.  Colour choices aren’t just a matter of what’s trendy or popular; there can be deeply personal motivations behind your choice of paint, so our consultants want to know more about you and your home.  No preparation is required on your part, but if you have styles or influences you’d like to emulate, feel free to have some magazine cut-outs or photos to give us a clear picture.

Your consultation may include conversations about colour schemes for the interior and exterior of your home.  We can focus on just one room or your entire home – taking special care to assess other decorative or fixed elements of the room to make sure the paint is just right.  In the end, your colour expert will recommend choices that complement your home’s current décor and your vision.

We even provide referrals for professional painters in your area.

So what about the cost?

Universal Blinds is proud to offer in-home colour consultation to our customers for FREE!

This fee includes an in-depth review of your home and your preferences and usually lasts for one-hour.  If you have a larger project or need more time, we charge just $50 per half hour.

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