Before you start looking for window coverings, it’s important that you understand the difference between binds and curtains. How they function, control light and how they affect the finished look of your home.  Read below to learn more.

wood blinds in entertainment room

Blinds – Blinds are not just about keeping heat in and stopping the incoming light but they are a means to filter light in and out of the room.  Blinds are a great way of stopping direct light coming into the house, without blocking out the view or making it feel like night time.  Blinds are mostly installed inside the home but they don’t have to be. Blinds can be made of Wood, Aluminum and Fabric.  Blinds usually come down across the window horizontally from a cord or pulley
Curtains – Curtains are all about keeping warmth inside the home, blocking out the sun from over heating the house, privacy and protecting your house and furniture from fading.  Curtains are about light, keeping it in or keeping it out.
Curtains are always installed on the Inside of the House and comes across the window vertically. Source: Quora

Blinds -From translucent roller blinds to Romans and timber Venetians, the enduring beauty of blinds is their ability to control light – and disappear when required. “Roller blinds are a great solution for achieving light control with minimal design impact,” says Andrea D’Cruz. A less-formal style of window treatment, they tend to be relegated to family areas, where blackout styles offer UV protection by day and added insulation at night. Motorized roller or panel glides also make them easy to control over large spaces. While see-through styles diffuse light without losing the view, in winter, “The most important thing is to make a large room feel cosy,” says Paul Hecker, who often layers blinds beneath curtains. He prefers soft roman blinds, which can be sheer, textured or bonded with a blockout fabric.
Curtains – Whether you like heavy drapes or soft sheers that billow in the breeze, “Curtains can be used to frame a window, layer a room or add warmth, movement and texture,” says Paul Hecker, director of Hecker Guthrie. Traditionally kept to bedrooms and formal living areas, there’s a growing trend for sheer and motorized curtains in open-plan living spaces. The most style-savvy homeowners are also embracing muted colours and folk- and floral-inspired prints. “We will be seeing a shift towards ‘beautiful’ fabrics and a softness that moves us away from minimalism,” says Toby Gray, director of BQ Design. Organic grey shades now offer a modern update on cream and white, and richer hues can be introduced to complement a room’s colour palette. The only rule? “Curtains should always touch the floor,” says Paul. Source: Homelife

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