Do Energy Efficient Shades Really Work?

Cooling and heating our homes can be expensive. In the Vancouver, Lower Mainland area, the summer heat can turn your home into a melting pot. Just the same, the wet winters can chill you to the bone. Want to make your home more comfortable year-round? It’s time to get to know energy efficient shades. These revolutionary window coverings will transform your home environment.

Cellular Shades

You might know cellular shades by their other name: Honeycomb shades. The cellular structure of these window coverings traps air at the window, keeping the interior temperatures right where you want them. This unique design has been named the most energy efficient shades on the market.

Roman Shades

Another great choice for your home, roman shades feature fabrics at the window that prevent the sunlight from heating up the interiors. In the winter, cool drafts are reduced due to the fabric layers. Innovative features, like automation and optional liners, encourage an increase in energy savings as well.

Thermal Lined Drapery

Not only do modern drapery add colour and texture to your room they also control the light but, are beautiful, safe and incredibly energy efficient! Simple put, insulation is about trapping air. Since drapes are normally mounted on the outside of your window frame, they create a very large air pocket that prevents the transmission of heat and cold. Add a thermal lining to the curtain material and when closed drapes become incredibly effective at keeping you cool in the summer and warmer in the winter.

How Motorization Plays an Important Role

With motorization/ Automation, you can raise and lower your shades with a simple push of a button, tap on a mobile phone or voice control using a smart-home device, which can be helpful for hard-to-reach windows. Not just for the simple convenience with today’s automation you can schedule your shades to move automatically at certain times of the day and create personalized shade-setting Scenes within one room or your entire home. This easily prevents heat loss in the winter, blocks the harsh sun in the summer and protects your furnishings from damaging UV rays.

Responding to Light and Temperature

If you integrate you with a Hub Ex. Tahoma or Powerview with a compatible smart-home system, you can program your shades to raise and lower in response to light- and temperature-sensor commands sent from that system.

For instance, when your home reaches a certain temperature, you can set your shades to automatically block light from entering your room. This provides better insulation and also prevents the sun from fading and deteriorating your fabrics, carpet, hardwood floors and other wood surfaces.

Or, to keep your home warmer in the winter, you could program your shades to open when the sun is shining in your room and close when it’s moved away. You can even customize the shades in each room to operate differently, depending on how you use the room and how much sun is coming in.

Ready for Energy Efficient Window Coverings?

Whether it’s the heat of summer, or the chill of winter, Vancouver area folks need all the help they can get! Our team at Universal Blinds would love to help you figure out which energy efficient shades will work best in your home. Get in touch for your free in-home consultation.


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