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Halloween Décor Ideas That Will Surely Scare Your Visitors

by | Oct 24, 2017 | Blog

What sets Halloween apart from other holidays is how invested people are into spooking others through their home décor or costumes. Try the following ideas and see how frightened your neighbors and guests will be.

Stacked Jacks
Who knew a benign pumpkin patch could yield such otherworldly creatures? Assume the role of Dr. Frankenstein this Halloween, and create your own monster, using stacks of pumpkins, gourds, and squashes. Only the heads need carving; if the bumpy body parts don’t sit squarely on each other, level them with a serrated knife, then use toothpicks, pushed into the flesh, to assemble them. Before attaching the head, insert a low-wattage light bulb, and plug it into an outside socket or heavy-duty extension cord. Source: MarthaStewart

Creepy Eyeball Glasses
Give your guests a fright by placing an eyeball at the bottom of your glass. This is a fun way to decorate as it isn’t obvious and it won’t be seen until the drink is tipped. You could print out any eyes and if the glass is plain on the bottom, just stick the eyeballs to the outside of the glass on the bottom. Source:StayGlam

Garage Door Victim
If you really want to freak people out, stuff some old clothes with straw or paper and leave the top half under your garage door, then splatter the front of the door with ketchup. Source: LittleThings

Eerie Glowing Ghost Halloween Décor
Ghosts are Halloween creatures that have been used for ages, but ghosts can also be boring. Make them interesting by creating a Halloween window decoration that will illuminate your window with an eerie blue glow. You can achieve this design by cutting some sheets to look like a ghost and placing a black light in the midst of the sheets. Creating this design in a dark space will make it glow even more. Spirits may exist in this world, but creating a freestanding ghost in your window will make it seem like your home is truly haunted by spirits from beyond the grave. Source: HomeBNC

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