Are you planning to take your window coverings to the next level of convenience? Below are 3 suggestions for you to go hi-tech.

motorized powerrise blind in den

Motorized Blinds
Motorized blinds and draperies were once thought of as an indulgence available only to the elite several years ago. But today’s hardware, technology and pricing have made this onetime luxury easily available to the general public. Motorized blinds, shades and curtains offer many benefits for many people. Parents with young children, the elderly and even just the average person will benefit from having motorized window coverings, which eliminate the need to fuss with wands or cords. If you suffer from mobility or dexterity issues, or are just tired of dealing with tangled cords, this investment can help your window coverings function flawlessly.
Motorized blinds come in different systems: hardwired, plug in, RF radio frequency and battery operated. All are controlled from either a handheld remote control or a wall switch — with just a click, the window coverings magically open and close. Motorized blinds eliminate any cords. This is a great benefit for households with young children, where cord dangers lurk at every window.
When your windows are very high, a motorized shade can help maximize functionality. If you’re more of a drapery fan, look for motorized versions of draperies. This is another good option for extra-large windows. Most reputable shade companies also offer a programmable timer that you can set how you like — for example, you can program it to perform your regular window routine while you’re away on vacation to increase your home security. Source: Houzz


Wi-Fi-Enabled Windows
If you have a killer view from your house but curtains or blinds are cramping your style, installing Wi-Fi-enabled window shades you control with your smartphone could be an option to consider.
Northern California startup SONTE has designed a high-tech alternative to traditional window coverings: it’s a Wi-Fi-enabled window film you put on existing windows that can switch from clear to opaque via a smartphone app. This means you can enjoy the view through a window when you want and then get privacy when you need it.
SONTE film can be retrofitted on your existing windows through a do-it-yourself installation. You measure your window, cut the film to size and, using the film’s self-adhesive, stick it on the glass. You then add special conducting clips on the film and plug it into the Wi-Fi-enabled transformer. After downloading the companion app (iOS and Android), you can control the film’s transparency. SONTE says the film can turn solid by an electric current moving through, changing transparency within a second. If you’re thinking about the impending summer sunshine, SONTE also claims the film provides UV protection. The creators add that another perk of the film is it can double as a projector screen when opaque.
This could be useful for homes, lofts or offices that have large or floor-to-ceiling windows, where motorized blinds or other options might be too clunky. A hitch to consider may be how smooth the installation process actually is, especially for those of us who are too familiar with that pesky piece of dirt that gets stuck behind the film screen protectors we install on our phones. Source: Mashable

Solar Shades
A “solar shade” is frequently used as a sleek second layer of UV protection, even in a traditional window design. Semitransparent when pulled down, solar shades filter UV rays and heat, creating an effect something like putting sunglasses on a window. Popular for a while in commercial buildings and industrial-looking condos, the shades have been showing up in mainstream residential designs. They replace the old look of vertical blinds with a very clean modern look,” says Ms. Traeger. Or “you can use them in addition to a soft drapery and you don’t even know it’s there.”
Noble last year more than doubled its solar-shade offerings, adding more textures, colors and styles.

Solar shades “started very techie-looking and didn’t fit into every residential application,” says JoEllen Ropele, merchandising manager. Now, though, they are available in soft, fashionable fabrics “that are more acceptable in the residential market,” she says. Source: WSJ

We hope these suggestions help you innovate your style, design, along with technology. If you would like more information on how you can automate the blinds in your home please contact us.

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