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Keep Your House Warm Using These Simple Tips

by | Sep 19, 2017 | Blog

Can you feel the air getting chillier by the day? Autumn is just around the corner and soon enough it’s going to be a winter wonderland. Make your home feel comfy despite the cold weather by following these tips:

Position your furniture in the warm
How warm you feel in a room depends on where you are, even though air temperature is the same throughout. You will feel warmer if you position yourself closer to the inside of the house because the cold external walls are further away. So try and place your furniture next to an internal wall.

If your desk is up against an external wall so you can look out of the window your legs will tend to get cold, though you can reduce this effect by leaning a cardboard sheet against the wall. If the head of your bed is next to a cold external wall you will be prone to getting a stiff neck, though you can counter this somewhat by using a solid headboard. The best solution, of course, is a four-poster bed, but most bedrooms just aren’t big enough. Source: TheConversation

Clear outside walls by day, and reinforce them at night
During the day, you want as much sun as possible hitting your dwelling. The sun provides plenty of natural warmth to the walls. On the other hand, at night, you should lean things against your walls to add extra barriers between you and the cold. Source: Lifehack

Cover your windows
Stop the heat from escaping by investing in lined curtains that will help insulate your windows, trapping heat inside. If you already have curtains, you can simply add your own lining to the inside. For maximum effectiveness, make sure your curtains reach the floor and consider a pelmet to cover the space between the window and the curtain. Blinds and shutters will also work, especially if they sit close to the windows. Source: InsideOut

Want a cool energy-saving tip? Use the best window treatments that can help retain the warmth in your home longer. Find out more by calling us today!


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