Once you’ve made the decision to get new custom window treatments in your home, you must make sure that you’ve measured correctly so that they will fit correctly. Below are steps on how to measure blinds and shades.

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Choose the style and mount of your blinds, and follow these instructions to get accurate measurements.

Inside-Mount Blinds

  1. To find width: Measure the opening across the top, where the headrail is to be installed, from inside of the jamb on the left to the inside of the jamb on the right. Round the measurement down to the nearest eighth of an inch.
  2. To find height: Take three measurements. Measure from the inside top of the opening on the left, at the center, and on the right to the sill to the closest eighth of an inch. Use the smallest dimension.
  3. Do not make any allowances: Adjustments will automatically be made so the headrail will fit the opening properly and the vanes will clear the sill by a fourth of an inch to a half inch.

Outside-Mount Blinds

Note that blinds installed on windows near wall or baseboard heaters must clear the heaters by 12 inches above and 6 inches to the side. Check with your municipal by-laws or the local fire department for what is acceptable in your area.

Also, make sure there are no obstructions on either side of the window that may prevent you from ordering a wider blind. Measure the area to the left and right of each window from the frame to the nearest obstruction (such as a corner, fireplace, corner window, or bookcase).

  1. To find width: Measure the width of the area to be covered at the place where the headrail will be installed. The blind should overlap the opening at least 4 inches on each side to ensure privacy and prevent light bleed for blackout blinds.
  2. To find height: Measure the height of the area to be covered. Blind should extend at least 3 inches above and 3 inches below opening or window molding.
    • For installations to the floor, deduct a half inch from the shortest height for proper clearance. Specifying outside-mount measurement means the factory will not make any deductions to the headrail. Source: Lowes

Go for Drapes – 

How to measure

Step 1: Measure for length, from the top of your window frame to wherever you want the panels to fall. They can go down to the floor if you want them to skim the ground with no puddling on the bottom (which makes them easier to clean), or down to the floor plus a few additional inches if you prefer a puddled look.
Step 2: Decide where you want to put the curtain rod.  A minimum of 4″ above the window frame is recommended although it’s typically placed midway between the ceiling and the window frame, but you can also mount it closer to the window frame or closer to the ceiling, depending on your wall space.  NOTE: If there is not enough room above your window to mount the brackets you will have to mount your rod directly into the ceiling.
Step 3: Decide how you want to hang the curtains on the rod—options include pin hooks, clip rings, which clip onto the top of the fabric; a pocket rod, which is a pocket sewn into the top of the fabric so you can place the rod right through it; grommets, which are metal rings that you place over holes made along the top of the fabric; or sewn-in rings, which are sewn into the fabric. When you know which one you’ll use, you’ll know if you need more or less fabric to make it work. Fabric on a clip ring or a sewn-in ring, for example, will hang about an inch lower to the ground than fabric hung with grommets, so adjust your measurement from Step 2 accordingly.
Step 4: Measure the width of your window from one edge of the frame to the other. If you’re using a tension rod, which you will set inside the window frame, measure inside the frame from one end to the other.
Step 5: Add an extra 2½ inches to each side to account for hemming and 6″ to each side if you intend for the drapes to overlap in the middle. The result is the amount of fabric you’ll need. Source: HGTV

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