Comfort and convenience at the touch of a button

motorized Roman Shades VancouverOne of the best product innovations we’ve seen recently is motorization for window treatments. From drapes to blinds, sheers to shades – you can add motorization to virtually any style to raise, lower, tilt or draw the window covering.

Motorization combines both line-of-sight (using infrared technology) IR and out-of-sight (using radio frequency technology) RF control of your window coverings. You can easily adjust the light and privacy for any window, including tall or hard-to-reach areas such as stairwells and great rooms. With motorization you can raise or lower individual units or select a group (or groups) of window coverings to move together, even in multiple rooms.

Motorization Options

There are different options available, including:

  • Battery-operated motorization – easy to install with no additional wiring required
  • Simple
  • Hard wired motorization – seamlessly integrated with any home automation system


Motorization in Action

To give an example of how effective motorization is, we recently installed window coverings for a home in Whistler that has 25 windows. Most people immediately think “what a large number of windows to clean” but in this instance it was what a large number of window coverings to keep opening and closing each day! But by adding motorization the owner can manually operate them as desired using a remote control, but they were also able to pre-program a daily open and close sequence that operates whether they’re home or not, increasing their privacy and security.

Another good example is a customer who has a large span of windows with a south-west exposure. They wanted some light to come in for the early part of the day for their plants and pets but needed to block the more intense light that came each afternoon. Adding motorized window coverings allowed them to pre-program a schedule that opened each morning and then closed in the early afternoon. They were able to program a Monday to Friday schedule for when they were at work and then operated their window coverings manually with a remote control on the weekends when they were home.

In both instances the homeowners were able to easily control the amount of light entering their homes, protecting their furnishings from damage by harmful UV rays, maintain a comfortable environment by keeping their homes cooler in summer, and increase the privacy and security even when they were away.

Family Safety

And as a safety feature, motorization can protect your family by allowing anyone with a physical challenge to independently operate their window coverings without over-reaching. This feature will also eliminate dangling cords, keeping your children and pets safe.