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Sheer Curtains are the perfect product to compliment your decor while reducing the glare and allowing sun light to diffuse into your room.

Today most of us wouldn’t step outside in the summertime without sunscreen, sunglasses or a hat to provide personal shade. That’s because the sun, although we love it, damages unprotected skin, hair and eyes.

Your interior furnishings also require protection from harmful rays. Full sun bleaches area rugs, carpets and fabrics, dulls hardwood floors and painted finishes, and fades our artwork on the walls. Sheer window coverings can shield vulnerable surfaces, add texture and protect your investments for long-term enjoyment.

When pulled aside during the day roller blinds, curtain or draperies, allow you to see out but of course don’t filter the sunlight beaming in – leaving your furnishings exposed to damage daily. So if one or more of your windows receives medium to strong sun you may want to add another layer of protection.

Style And Function

A sheer drapery is basically curtain that is made of translucent fabric, usually 100% polyester, that allows light to enter through them while maintaining your view and daytime privacy.

Sheers can be used on their own to add beauty, texture and a touch of softness to the room (if night time privacy is not an issue) or be layered with roller blinds, heavier blackout curtains or drapes.

There are many different curtain headings available from a simple pinch pleat to a modern ripple-fold which allows choosing a curtain heading to suit your home’s decorating theme is easy.

You can install the sheer on an independent wall/ceiling-mounted track, behind a valance or use a decorator rod so it can be pushed aside and even hidden behind drapery panels when not required.

Let our decorating professionals help you select the window covering that fits your style and budget.

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