Dressing your windows can be a bit trickier than other interior design projects because there are a surprising number of ways for window treatments to end up looking. In this short post we’ll cover some of the most common questions asked about window treatments.

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What if I measure incorrectly?
It is very important that you take the extra time to measure your windows accurately. Make sure you take every measurement twice before recording your final result. One of the most common measuring errors is recording the width and height measurements in reverse order. The width is always the first measurement given and the height is always the second measurement. Click How-To-Measure to view our measuring instructions. If you follow these instructions carefully, your blinds should fit perfectly. If the measurement is only slightly off, sometimes the size can be altered by the manufacturer for a small charge. Source: ComfortBlinds

How long do window treatments last?
This depends on a lot of factors, but if you buy high-quality window treatments and you treat them correctly, there’s no reason they can’t last a lifetime. The key is to make sure you maintain them properly. For example, if you throw your velvet curtains in the washing machine and dryer, you can expect that they won’t last long at all! Source: Blog.HalfPriceDrapes


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