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Window treatments should change and enhance the dynamics of a room, shaping light as it enters, reflecting an attitude and creating a mood that is right for the surroundings of your home. For us, dressing windows is more than just another item on our decorating checklist. It’s an essential and inspiring way of letting light and beauty into your life.

Drapes and curtains are not only an excellent choice to control light, save you energy but also how they effortlessly add glamour and elegance to any window.

New fabrics and styles have brought draperies into the 21st century, from formal and elegant floor-to-ceiling panels creating an impression of luxury, crisp and clean textures to contemporary geometric motifs there is a perfect drapery fabric to fit your home and your lifestyle.

At Universal Blinds you’ll find the most comprehensive drapery services  From pinched pleated, grommets or ripplefold’s let our team of drapery professionals help you find the perfect style in the most ideal fabric for your home.

Tips for Decorating With Drapes & Curtains

Function First

There are so many factors to consider when purchasing window coverings: texture, color, light control, coordination with other furnishings and the actual installation.  But before making any decisions about style, you really need to think about function first.

Ask yourself a few basic questions first:

  • What are your needs for privacy?

Whether your neighbours are nearby or you’re at one with the great outdoors, our shades, sheers, drapes – will help you achieve exactly the degree of privacy you want.

  • What are your goals for light control?

Whether you need to reduce the glare during the day with Sheer curtains or want to black out a bedroom or home theatre light is a major consideration; it alters moods, affects colours and changes the entire feeling of a room.

  • Do you want energy efficient window treatments? Without energy-efficient window treatments, as much as 50% of a home’s heating and cooling energy can be lost through its windows.

So, while attractive window coverings drapes and curtains help create beautiful indoor environments, they are also designed to be energy-efficient, making every setting more comfortable- for relaxing, working, sleeping, gathering together, living.

  • Knowing some details about where you will install your drapes and what you need them to do will help you focus on a the type of drapery hardware you require to mount your curtains. You can even decide to add the convenience and elegance of a motorized drapery track system to your home.

Designer Fabric

Fabric. Form. Texture. Pattern. Colour. When it comes to window fashions, we take every aesthetic aspect into account in our creative process… giving you the widest range of tasteful, beautiful options to select from when dressing your windows.

At Universal Blinds, we offer an amazing selection of designer drapery fabric samples in just about any fabric you can imagine.  From luscious Silk, a great option for a formal living room or bedrooms to practical, durable cotton, rayon and polyester’s for a kitchens or bathrooms.

Design and Craftsmanship

For over 30 years Universal Blinds has made a commitment to our customers to provide the very finest customized choices for dressing your windows and will take your interior design aspirations and bring them to life in your home. Our decor consultants have the training, experience and systems to help you select the right product, design and custom window treatments that meet your budget, vision and style.

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