Springtime is here in the Vancouver, Lower Mainland area, proving once and for all how much of an effect sunshine has on our lives. This glorious sunshine is sure to boost your productivity, elevate your mood…and wreak havoc in your life.

Yes, you read that right. Depending on where your windows are in relation to the rising and setting sun, the sunshine can have detrimental effects – in addition to wonderful ones.

Not to worry! At Universal Blinds we have smart solutions in window coverings that will not only solve the light control issues of your window location, but also provide the benefits of UV protection, privacy and energy efficiency – just in time for summer!

East Facing Windows

While the beauty of the morning is a boost to your mood and productivity, those intense morning rays can be a bit too much especially in a bedroom. Used by hotels and hospitals for years, blackout drapes and blinds are indispensable in the home.

blackout drapes

Products like the Duette honeycomb are very effective at blocking light, protecting your furniture from UV damage, and insulating against heat and cold. Great for nappers, babies, seniors, home offices, shift workers and anyone interested in a good night’s sleep. As well they are available with top/down, bottom up lifting system and motorization to fit your schedule and lifestyle.

West Facing Windows

A mix of colours, the beauty of sunset and ocean your view may be rivaled by none other if you have West facing windows. The problem is that by the time the sun is setting, your home has been baking for hours. You receive a tremendous amount of unrelenting light. Window coverings are needed so you can enjoy your view while also protecting the atmosphere of your home.

By choosing window coverings such as the new high performance solar screen shade materials by Hunter Douglas, specifically the Flux 3% with a metalized backing to reflect sunlight away from the window or the new KOOLBLACK technology that enables the fabric to reflect solar heat, lowering heat gain in the home will help maintain the comfortable temperature in your home, regardless of the intense heat outside.sun shades double roller blind


North/South Facing Windows

The benefit of having windows out of the path of direct sunlight is that you don’t often have to worry about the intensity of the sun, and with the correct window coverings, you can make the most of your home while avoiding common problems.

Window coverings are necessary with North/South facing windows because even when the sunshine is not direct, you can still have the annoyance of continuous glare. Products like the Silhouette or Pirouette shades function like sheers to diffuse the light and help you avoid the cave-like atmosphere that comes from blocking out the light. The right window coverings will let you make the most of your home to create that perfect ambiance of light and privacy.

vignette roman shade in living room with flowers

Window coverings are necessary for you to control the light so you can enjoy the light.

Are you ready for the sunshine of Springtime? We want to help you create the perfect environment in your home, regardless of the location of your windows.We can help guide you through collections of products to suit your window location and your lifestyle.

Contact our team, at Universal Blinds, for a free, in-home consultation.