It can be difficult to pick a window treatment to best complement the arched windows in your home. To help you with this ordeal, check out the tips below:

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Follow the Curve
Flexible or curved rods will allow you to cover the whole window by following the form. Gravity, however, is not your ally: Standard curtain rings will simply slip to the sides, giving your window the droops. Get rings that lock in place and adjust the drapes from below with tiebacks. Source: BHG

Balance Light and Privacy
Window treatments for arched openings come in three basic varieties: curtains, shades and shutters. For maximum privacy, consider shutters or shades, which block views and natural light but also keep out prying eyes. To make your shutters or shades fit perfectly within arched windows, consider ordering custom units designed to fit the gentle curves of your window frames. For a more economical option, look for prefabricated shutters designed to fit standard arch sizes. Keep in mind, however, that these shutters may not be operational. If you prefer the look of curtains, match the thickness of the curtains to your need for privacy and light. Choose thicker curtains in rooms where you want more privacy and less light infiltration, such as the bedroom, and stick to thinner curtains to filter light in kitchens and other living areas. To maximize natural lighting, leave the arched portion of the window uncovered and hang curtains below. Source: HomeGuides.SFGate

Arched windows are best friends with valances. Whether you’re using a fabric topper or an upholstered valance, these elegant window treatments look beautiful with swags and pleated drapery beneath. The lower arch of the valance will follow the window’s edge, drawing the eye to the window. While this seems uber-traditional (not to mention formal), using lighter, sheerer fabrics will give a more casual look. Source: DIYNetwork

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