Thinking about purchasing new window treatments? Motorized blinds can offer many benefits including: convenience, energy saving, automation, safety and furniture protection.

Below are 5 reasons to consider motorized blinds:


With motorized window shades, you can lift and lower them all at the same time. Click here to watch motorized shades in action from one of our happy customers! It’s much more convenient to lift them all at the same time rather than going to each window separately. Your time is valuable. Why not make the most of it? Source: SelectBlinds


Energy Saving

Most of us can’t imagine blocking what little light we get into our homes, but the sun exposure all day can literally cost us a lot of money. Did you hear about the Net Zero concept? W It means that a building produces as much energy as it uses over the course of a year. You too can balance the energy consumption in your home, by tapping into solar power, insulating your home and installing automated shades, awnings or shutters. You can also use traditional ways to cool your house, like plant a shade tree outside! Just remember to leave enough room for growth. Source: SomfySystems


Using motorized shades, the location of the shades is no longer restricted by the proximity to the ground or the ability to manually adjust the shades. Very high windows can be fitted with motorized shades and can be adjusted as required. This benefit is important in public buildings and large homes. Source: WiseGeek



Beyond aesthetics, injury and death from entanglement in shade control cords is a very real concern. The best solution is to eliminate cords, made possible by motorized shades. Automated shade systems can even operate on a timer customized to your child’s sleeping habits. Source: AutomatedShading

Furniture Protection

The same sunshine that makes your AC unit run overtime can harm the upholstery on your furniture, causing it to fade over time. Covered windows can prevent this. Source: ElectronicHouse

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